About Us

With the birth of our first child, my wife and I knew that the right time had come to purchase pure life insurance in order to protect our family. I was convinced that the purchasing process in Switzerland would be transparent and clear.

Far from it!

All insurance websites I visited were opaque and confusing to me. In addition I was encouraged to talk to an insurance agent, who no doubt would have wanted to sell me a different insurance product. I had no intention of engaging in any upsell discussions.

This experience made me want to change the way pure life insurance is purchased in Switzerland. The purchase process must be focused, understandable and transparent. This is already standard in other European countries. The Swiss market should be no exception.

SafeSide will offer transparent information, totally focused on pure life insurance.
This allows customers to purchase exactly the life insurance product they really need.

Pure life insurance is a simple product, which is affordable and completely flexible. It is maybe the only life insurance product, which makes financial sense for you to purchase. It should not be complicated.

SafeSide will make it easy and transparent for you to buy pure life insurance. This is my ambition. Pure life insurance catered to your needs.

Michael Klien CEO