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Interview with SafeSide co-founder Michael Klien

Pure life insurance, altruism and positive brain stimulation

This weekend, many families around the world will be celebrating Easter. Not only will the resurrection be commemorated, but also people´s willingness to mak...

Why the Swiss 3 pillar system is not enough insurance

The Swiss are rightfully proud of their 3 pillar social security system. It is a world-class offering and has a lot of built-in protection for Swiss citizens...

A Valentine's Day gift you certainly never thought of!

The best Valentine’s Day gift that you can give your partner. It really says you will be there for them forever.

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Things to keep in mind when you buy Pure Life Insurance in Switzerland

Life insurance is essential when it comes to peace of mind. It is an important and life-changing decision as it protects your loved ones from adversities tha...

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